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Gazi Get-together: a Geek-Girl’s Greekout

George Calombaris’ hot new restaurant Gazi had a few of Melbourne’s veteran digital girls in and spoiled us with their scrumcious Greek food. The bloggers/publishers convened and talked shop over a long, indulgent evening.

Gazi Restaurant

Marianne (left) of Esme and the Laneway is a talented full-time blogger. People are ravenous for her pithy view on vintage dresses and her enchanting world. Dasha (centre) is the Russian doll behind The Trend Spotter. She has just returned from being spotted herself at New York Fashion Week parties. Leeyong (right) finds time somehow to blog about sustainable fashion at Style Wilderness, whilst also contributing to Peppermint and Sub Editing at The Weekly Review.

Sarah Kempson and Cheryl Lin

Sarah Kempson (left) has just renovated her blog. She is also the Fashion Editor at Onya Magazine. Cheryl Lin (right) blogs about the expression of fashion at work on BusinessChic, which has spun off into a book about her year-long sartorial enquiry, The Little Place Dress Project.


Iolanthe organised our evening at Gazi. She operates a social media and content production consultancy and blogs about her broad interests at Ruby Slipperphoto-227

The undulating terracotta pot stalactites reaching down from the restaurant ceiling. The interior has a warmth like the hearth of a stone villa, but I couldn’t help wondering if the architects were having a cheeky joke, fondly referencing another Melbournian Greek institution

Evil eye saganaki

 Saganaki with crushed pistachios and caramelised dried fruit. I was very charmed by the evil eye crockery.

Gazi Melbourne Greek





Cecylia, who must never sleep, blogs, styles and also is a veterinary surgeon. She has just been covering New York Fashion Week and will soon be welcoming her first-born. So that will be even less sleep!  Lisa Teh, (right) leads a brilliant team of young writers at Couturing.Count Shiva Singam‘Count’ Shiva Singam is a new identity on the digital publishing scene. His posts on Melbourne nightlife have reached cult status and he is now contributing to Covet Magazine and Voxfrock. He always manages to find millinery inspiration, this time in the crockery. It isn’t really a good Melbourne party if Shiva doesn’t end up with the decor items on his head.


The Gazi Pavlova. A giant mound of flower-strewn meringue, which busts open to reveal a delicate composition of mastic, ruby red grapefruit curd and cream. Gazi pavlova


A Corinthian column of panna cotta served on marble, a delish tribute to Ancient Greece’s contribution to architecture. It didn’t take us long to level it to ruins.

Gazi is to be highly recommended. It claims to be ‘dirty’ Greek food to transport you to an Athens alleyway, but there was a lot to tempt the vegetarian preference. Our waiter was perfection and the service was very astute. I would proudly bring visitors to Melbourne here, and leave with the crockery – that’s allowed, the plates are for sale, $22 per each.  Far more satisfying than seeing them smashed at the end of a great meal.


GAZI, 2 Exhibition St, Melbourne

The Count Shiva Singam and Kyra Pybus


Kyra x


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