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Future Trends Forecasted by WGSN

We were privileged to attend a sitting of WGSN’s assertions for the coming key trends in fashion and retail. The company is a global leader in identifying and distilling trends as they emerge in the design and trade categories. They sell their findings on to subscribers.

QR Codes: would the market like adopt if they looked more fashionable?

Pybus PR is in the business of assisting our clients to traverse the existing media forms and prepare for the newly emerging ones. Where this is becoming very interesting is the ways that these are intersecting with how the commercial exchange takes place, both in the bricks-and-mortar environment, and as mediated by the social channels we engage in.

Here are snippets of ideas presented by WGSN that we though were most compelling:

LOCAL-SOCIAL Within the category of the ‘Hyper Local’, which is the observation that consumers are drawn to product that reflects its provinence in a specific way- the concept of ‘Local-Social’ has emerged. For a global market this has taken shape as social online interest groups and communities forming around aspects of a brands offering. A key platform here is Pinterest, which has taken off in a huge way. North American retailer Nordstrom’s pinterest boards demonstrate this.

With 35% of consumer committing to a purchase after connecting online with it, there are very compelling reasons and ways- of taking a brand local-social.

Our Stylish Clients

Pybus PR gives our clients a hand by pinning some of their exciting products. This is our board for ‘Our Stylish Clients’.

NOMADIC Amongst the ‘new retail rituals’ that are being observed internationally is the predication for shoppers to connect with retail experiences en route. British brand Kate Spade spearheaded this trend by taking its Broadhurst offering and expressing it in situ at SXSW. Their branded bus was an anchor point for a battle of the bands comp.

PERSONALITY FIXTURING Emphasised also was the importance of making bricks-and-mortar shopping a personalised and exceptional experience. We loved seeing the lengths high-end audio brand Bose went to express the noise mitigation capabilities of its new headphones. They built a custom-made London underground train carriage in their Regent Street flagship store, to scale, no less. The 3D immersive installation emitted all the sounds of the a crowded carriage at peak time, including public address messages, thus emulating the product’s ability to block it all out.

The seminar emphasised the ways transactions with brands in both the online social spaces and the ‘real’ space will increasingly depend upon seamless integrations between the two. These concepts will be top of mind for us in the next months when we take our client Parisian Street Society through transitions from a traditional retail shop space to a multi-channel online shop. Watch this space!

Parisian Street Society stock will be online, almost exclusively.


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