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Happy National Swap Day for Tomorrow

I’ve made a personal commitment to taking part in Buy Nothing New month. It’s not that I’m trying to ‘occupy Wall Street’, I just feel that as a society we could be a little more mindful of the types of purchases we make. This isn’t a suggestion that we abstain from shopping, just that perhaps we might consider buying sustainable, fair-trade or eco merchandise.

Over the weekend I was able to navigate my own rules and buy something ‘not new’ for recently engaged friends. Their engagement gift (wrapped in last week’s Le Monde) was a terrarium from Domain Flowers.  Planted in an old scotch decanter, the piece ticked the ‘nothing new’ box as far as I’m concerned.

Here are a few terrariums by Melbourne’s Miniscapes that I really admire:

Tomorrow is the National Swap Day, Buy-Nothing-Newers will be pleased to hear. For Green Fashionistas this is the biggest clothing swap of the year. The idea with the event is to bring something of value that for whatever reason you just don’t wear and swap it for something that you will. The last time I want I brought with me a Karen Walker tartan skirt (new with tags) that I had begun to feel sorry for. I just never wore it. It found an excited new owner, and I picked up a silk sheath that I’ve worn about 50 times or so. Everyone wins. Not the least the environment.

Here are the details:

If there isn’t one being held where you live then get your friends around for a private one. I did. Have a look at photos here, here and here.

Here’s how the professionals run it though; orderly and tidy for the first 5 minutes then a big chaotic fashion freak-out!

Happy swapping. I hope you find something old to give a new lease on life to. For Melburnians interested, see you at 6:30 sharp at he BMW Edge, I have some under-appreciated Margiela to throw into the fashion scrum.


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