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Spirit of the Black Dress Call for Entries

At Pybus PR we like two things more than most; good design and good politics. Throw the two together with our third, good alcohol and you have a great party. The Spirit of the Black Dress is a design competition for early career fashion designers that is now in its fourth year. They have just announced two things: that Jane Hayes, a founding organiser, has ascended to the role of Director. Secondly, that entries are now open for the 2012 event.

The Spirit of the Black Dress has been throwing the light of industry recognition on emerging designers since 2009. Whilst doing so it asks two things of its entrants, make it ecologically sustainable, and, keep it black. Selecting from talented designers the nation wide has always revealed some ingenious methodologies for approaching sustainability. And the black-only palette has helped keep the focus on the design credentials.

I have personally been a supporter of SOTBD since inception. A little flick back in our Tumblr and I found a few shots I took of my favourites from last year.

Alyana Eau & Pricilla Lim's remarkable piece with repurposed industrial tubing.

A sumptuous and cleverly constructed piece by Samantha Lilian Koval

Nathan Price of Limedrop with a piece he and his partner re-worked form old leather biker jackets, from memory. I still love it. I wonder where is is and if its for sale.

Nathan Price of Limedrop with a piece he and his partner re-worked from old leather biker jackets, from memory. I still love it. I wonder where it is and if its for sale.

Cristina Tridente of Love Couture Madness with a very desirable piece of eco couture

Alex Trimmer is one of my favourite Australian designers. With his label Sosume he makes it its his business to only ever produce ethical garments. And they are so beautiful.

If Dan Jones can make his brand of glamour in ethical ways then no one has an excuse not to. A glamourous garment that is also mindful. Perfect.

As with last year, up to 1o submissions will be chosen to be professionally photographed and shown on the runway at a VIP industry event during the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Heres the video of last years successful entries:

I have been personally very impressed with what the organisers of Spirit of the Black Dress have achieved each year. They present an exemplary event that honours the talent of the designers, the expectations of the fashion industry and the need for serious re-thinking for the environment’s sake. And they manage to do it all on a very humble budget.

I’ve been asked to be on the judging panel of the 2012 event, something I am honoured to do. I’d be intimidated by the task were I not sharing it with some of the brightest people in the fashion industry. They can’t be bribed, but its nice to know who they are none the less:

2012 Judging Panel:

Phoebes Garland of Garland and Garland Fashion

Jenny Bannister & Philip Boon of Fashion Torque

Sarah Gale of Fashionista Business Consultancy Group

Kyra Pybus of Pybus PR

The program will benefit from the astute guidance of Dean Hewitt and JC Lloyd-Southwell d’Anvers of Madam Virtue & Co. who have been appointed Patrons.

Submissions close Thursday 24th of November 2011

Download the Submission Form here.

Download the Sustainability Guidelines here.

For more information go to

The event has always had an extremely committed and talented team around it. The imagery the event produces is brilliant. I’ve had a bit of fun Googling up old SOTBD images, here’s a few from years past.



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